Mentally I crash and burn But I learn

To rise from the ash

Not gonna slash 

Rather I shall type

As more words come down the pipe

Because this all I know

So here I go

Pen mightier than sword true

Words cut deeper than anything I ever knew

Mom mocked me but now I am gone

No longer her pawn 

Who laughing now mother?

No longer my hope can you smother 

Feel free as let out the poison from inside

Used to repress & hide

Silent tears I cried

Now I live for real 

And begin to heal

No more fears 

Or getting the gears

After all these years

Hard to comprehend I am a free man 

But I made the plan

And did succeed, I got out of that toxic trap

To call them family is crap

More like a cult they were

Constant supervision & walking a tightrope 

Now I do better than cope 

Never going back to that slippery slope 

Phoenix from the ash

I may crash

But up I shall rise

And I realize 

As long as I and able to express how I feel

Anything this world throws I can deal